#UPRDigitalSeeds SS15 tour

Last Thursday I went to the #uprdigitalseeds event. It was a day that started early, my alarm clock went off at 8 o'clock in the morning. Then I was off to Amsterdam, to join the shopping tour Unlimited PR had in store for us.
Seven brands participated in this event, to show us their new spring/summer 2015 collections.
In this post I will take you on the same tour that I had last Thursday.
The sun was shining, the croud was fun to hangout with and Amsterdam was as lovely as it always is!

First stop: Every.Day.Counts
A delicious and healthy breakfast was served at the Every.Day.Counts store. This is a young brand with a passion for denim & tailoring. The store was lovely, it was so minimalistic and clean, and so were the designs.
I think I'm going back there soon to get myself some pretty basics which I'll probably wear every day from then on. Because yes indeed, every day counts!

Stop 2: Dr. Martens
The big black boots we all know. At least, I know them as big black boots. But it definitely were not only black boots anymore. We got a presentation about the new collection, which is actually very colorful: tattoo and Waikiki prints included!
This short stop actually got me thinking: should I get myself a pair of these? Stay tuned and find out if I did!

Credits: Ilsoo van Dijk

Then it was time for Marc O' Polo. Especially for us they had organized a mini fashionshow. It was really fun and yes, the champagne was already poppin'! I really like the classic and clean designs at the Marc O' Polo store. 

Toms was up next!
The TOMS flagship store was a whole tour on it's own. They had their own coffee bar and the whole store just made me feel right at home.
They gave us a movie-presentation. I already knew about the fact that buying a pair of Toms shoes would give someone in need a pair of shoes too, but during that presentation I learned also that buying their eye-wear (which are all so cool by the way!) helps restore the sight of someone in need, buying a TOMS bag can help provide a training for birth attendants and buying a cup of coffee at the TOMS store provides the people in need some fresh water.
This is without doubt the best concept a store can have: making people happy with their purchases and doing good by helping people in need at the same time!

Credits: Ilsoo van Dijk
The Swatch store was up next. I remember my first Swatch watch from back in the days, it was blue and simple. Their new collection is very colorful, but I also really liked their 'Core collection', which has a lot of simple and minimalistic designs. We all participated in a quiz and there were bites and drinks, all in all a fun stop!

Credits: Ilsoo van Dijk

MAC Cosmetics, my absolute favorite make-up brand. At the MAC store they gave a presentation about their new mascara line. There was a 'practice room' upstairs, and ofcourse I got picked to be the 'show-model'. Very akward but very fun and my eye-makeup was perfectly done afterwards. Not like I can do it, anyways. Thanks Flavio!

WE fashion - the final destination of the tour.
Lunch was served. There was a presentation about the new SS15 collection and their new campaign: #dressupthursday. I spotted a lot of denim - which is always good - but also some fun summer pieces, like the red kimono shown on the picture below, which is already a favorite!

Credits: Ilsoo van Dijk

I had a lot of fun, it was not like any other event I've been before so thumps up for originality!
Thanks Unlimited PR for hosting this fun event, and Every.day.counts, WE fashion, Swatch, Mac cosmetics, Toms, Marc O' Polo and Dr. Martens for having me!
This virtual tour ends here, hope you liked it!

Credits: Ilsoo van Dijk



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Ziet er heel tof uti!

Photo Models Geneva said...

Fantastic pics! You had a great time!
Photographer Natallia Jolliet

Saranda Walgaard said...

Leuke blogpost heb je gemaakt over het event! :)

xxx Saranda