Trending: bum bags

I see them more and more: bumbags, aka fanny packs.
Heard of them? Those bags you used to wear when going to scouting, made out of canvas in case you ever took a spontaneous swim in the local pond?
That is what comes to mind when I think of bumbags, but nowadays (read: when it becomes an actual trend) they are not that scouting-proof anymore. Printed ones, leather ones, small or big ones: they come in all different kinds all of the sudden.
Let's discuss: go or no go for the bumbag?

No go
You can't put your whole girl-stuff-ensemble in these fanny packs, which are small most of the time.
Also: they look a bit dorky.

They are perfect for festival-season. Your hips carry the weight, so no pain in the shoulders or arms.
Some bags are just a bag to actually put stuff in, but the bumbag is not only that, it can be an important outfit accessory too! It can make or break an outfit.

I think bumbags can be all of the above, but I'm in the 'go-team' for this one (I actually only once joined the 'no go-team' in this topic, but that's probably because only good trends - in my opinion -  make it to the blog)
What do you think about this trend? Go or no go?

First pic by Sandra Semburg, last pic by Style du Monde: Yoyo Cao
Rest of the pics: Pinterest



Hadrien Leite said...

This look is so good on you! I absolutely love the colors of the Looks!!

Anne-Sterre said...

Ik vind het afhankelijk van het soort tas, af en toe best kunnen, ik kan me ook voorstellen dat het in sommige gevallen ook heel handig is.
Op de eerste en de laatste foto is het wel leuk gecombineerd.

Sexy Lingerie said...

the bag looks nice !! and the jacket is lovely !

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Nena said...

Ik wil ik wil! Staat al even op mn lijstje :D ik zie er wel veel 'potentieel' in. Altijd handig!

love, Turn it inside out