Travel: Bangkok tips & tricks

As you might know I went to Bangkok some weeks ago.
I've been in Bangkok four times now, so I thought it was time to share with you all my tips and tricks: Sightseeing, where to have dinner, where to shop, read all about it!

Things to do
- Drinks at the Lebua skybar --> This was such a cool experience. Lebua is actually a hotel, and a very old and classy one at that. Their rooftop bar is one of the highest of the world. On top you'll find cocktails and music, and the most amazing view of Bangkok. Tip: dress up nice because they do have some dress code rules! Oh and bring your piggy bank, it's not cheap!

- Co van Kessel biking tour --> We Dutchies love to bike. Co van Kessel was Dutch as well and his tours are well known in Bangkok. You can take the short tour (3 hours) which will go to a few hotspots in the city,  or the long tour (6 hours) which will also go into the slums and jungle.

- Thai cooking class --> Spicey food is not really my thing, but this was a lot of fun. Buying all your own ingredients on a local market, then making 4 different meals in a very authentic Thai house. Mango sticky rice, so good!

- Ofcourse you can get a massage or pedicure everywhere in Bangkok, but go see the ladies at Silom Bodyworks. They are so nice, it's so clean and my pedicure survived for weeks!

- Khao San road --> Famous amongst travelers. You should visit at night, it's crouded and loud and there are lot's of tourists, but just check it out and enjoy the backpacker's spirit.

- Take the train to Maha Chai, a very small village west of Bangkok. It's like going back in time, there is no high-tech whatsoever. When you arrive there is a big local fish market. The train ride is something as well, it takes 1,5 hour to get there and it's all loud noises, no airco, but a lot to see!

Things to see
- Wat Pho --> Very intriguing sight, the big golden Buddha. And by big, I mean big!

- Grand palace --> Expect a lot of temples, all gold and nicely decorated. There are quite a lot of temples all together here, so two birds one stone I'd say!

- Chinatown --> In the middle of the old part of Bangkok lies Chinatown. Expect pretty buildings and  local markets. Also the wholesale market is located there, buy lots for less!

Where to eat
- Cabbages & Condoms restaurant --> Not your everyday restaurant. Expect a lot of condoms and good food, so much fun!

- NeverEndingStory at Jamfactory --> Across our hotel (Royal Orchid Sheraton, which is perfect for a nice stay in Bangkok) on the other side of the river, is this very hip restaurant in the middle of a residential area. Minimalistic and industrial interior, good food, and afterwards you can take a walk on the local night market and get yourself some macarons.

- In the Rambuttri neighborhood, nearby Khao San road, you can have dinner in one of the many nice restaurants. Some are small, some are huge, but at night when all the twinkle lights are on, you should just sit, have a coconut juice and relax.
Best drink by the way, that coconut juice. They will break open a big coconut for you, filled with cold juice and coconut 'meat'. Buy them everywhere, in restaurants but also on little street corners. Just zen.

Where to shop
- MBK shopping center --> A 5 story building, hundreds of market stands on every floor, selling clothes, shoes, make-up, electronica - All you can wish for. 

- Chatuchak weekend market --> Best.Market.Ever. Don't go there on hot day because you will melt, but apart from that, it is awesome. Clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, food, electronics (and animals, don't like that part)

- Asiatique--> It's all shiny and new, a giant open air shopping mall. It's the deluxe version of Chatuchak, and at night you can have a bite in one of the many restaurants. There is even a Asiatique boat on the Choa Praya river that brings you there.

In general
- Instead of taking a taxi or a Tuktuk you can also move by boat. The Chao Praya river flows through the heart of Bangkok and there are a lot of tourist shuttles.

- The skytrain is also an easy way of transport. Especially to go from or to the airport!

- Download the app 'CityMaps2go', the offline version. It's costs a few bucks but the offline version makes it possible to find and locate places/streets without any wifi, and when you move the blue arrow will point in that direction, that way you'll know if your going the right way.

So, that should do it.
Hopefully this was helpful, and let me know if you visited one of the places I recommend here!
A travelpost about Mallorca will be online in a bit!



B Ramida said...

I hope you enjoy Bangkok!

Eleonora D'Agostino said...

What a wonderful journey!
I'd like to go there one day, hope you had great time!

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Natascha said...

Nu nog een keertje naar Bangkok gaan :') Ziet er wel allemaal leuk uit!

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