6 x bathroom tune ups

As for 'getting carried away' and 'wishing, hoping, dreaming' on this Monday morning, I think this does pretty much that. There is something magical about bathrooms.
What mine would look like? (when I'm all grown up and all)
- Minimalistic design, but no too 'clinical'. The bathroom should be the one place you can play around with furniture a little.
- Maybe a bit of a Moroccon touch: the sink, the lamps, and maybe some copper details.

I think any room - small or big - can be turned into a place you would die to want to shower in.
Ofcourse not everything is within the budget and not all is realistic, but one can still dream, right?
I think these six 'musthaves' can turn your mediocre bathroom into an actual dreamplace.

Like, at least one. A big one. Or a small one, however you like it. But at least bring a little jungle to your bathroom, it's the closest thing to letting it look as if your in some outdoor shower in Bali. And we all want that.

Extraordinary bathtub 
Wether it's a bathtub with little legs, or one that's build into a wall: the bathtub (and the shower) should be the center of attention in a bathroom.

A little color
As personal as this is, I think a little color (even if it's just a detail) will do your bathroom good. And this comes from me, the lover of all-white interiors. But as I said before, we don't want it to look too clinical.

Soap reck
A paintings on your bathroom wall is not really an option. So as for details (besides plants and, obviously, mirrors) a nice soap reck would look just perfect. Especially these oldschool pharmacy look-a-like bottles are a preference.

Foto by Elisabeth Heier via Pinterest

Lots of light
For whatever color you painted your bathroom walls, a lot of light is always the trick. Natural light is the best, but we can't dance around in our birthday suits in front of the windows everyday. Investing in good (designer) lamps is key.

Lamps by Terra Nova
Striking sinks
Besides the tub and the shower, the sink is in my opinion something that can't stay behind on the 'striking' field. The fun thing about sinks: there are so many day's when it comes to creating your own very cool sink! (see Google, it's your best friend)



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Great interior design inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing!

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So much gorgeous inspiration!



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Gorgeous! #bathroomgoals