Mixing oldies with goodies. You've seen the sweater, you've seen the skirt, but the goodies are new. The chelsea boot. One of those boots that never seem to be 'out', trend-wise. 
Preferably the black version, preferably the shiny version, to spice things up. 

The season of the skirt is actually officially over. At least for me.
But today was about showing you that chelsea's are not strictly to be worn with jeans, as is the most seen look with those boots. The chelsea's are not necessarily feminine, so why not a skirt?
So one more time a skirt this season, worn the urban chic way. Because that sweater is without doubt urban, and the skirt and chelsea's are way more chic. The whole outfit as one piece I can best describe as fun. Nothing more.

By the way, I got a new toy! A new lense, to be specific. These photo's were the first to be shot with it, and I think they turned out pretty good!
More about this new gadget later on, stay tuned!

Sweater | Zara
Skirt | River Island
Boots | Invito
Sunglasses | Polette 



Saskia | said...

Ah moooi! Ben benieuwd naar je lens, de foto's zijn tof! En je trui is ook zooo leuk!


Neeltje | Thoughts in Style said...

Ik vind Chelsea boots echt zo leuk voor de winter! X

Alexandra • ILUMUOTI said...

Wauwie, hele mooie look! :)


Tessa | Raspberry & Ripped Jeans said...

Ahh super leuk!

Liubov Basharova said...

I love your style.
The skirt is perfect, and with Chelsea boots more!

Hennie van den Brink said...

Excellent picture quality !

Joy Shiness said...

Awesome look !

Chloe Sterk said...

Je trui is zoo leuk! tot snel XX

wendy said...

die trui wilde ik zo graag, maar uiteraard toen helemaal uitverkocht :(
Super mooie look babe! <3


Joyce Vissenberg said...

Ik heb ook zwarte chelsea boots, en ze passen echt bij elke outfit! Zo handig en leuk!
De trui is ook superleuk!

The Joy of Being Joyce