Man repelling

A bit of a Manrepeller situation today: flared jeans.
(If you don't know to what I am referring: The Manrepeller is a well known blogger for wearing exactly what boys don't like about fashion - the 'weird' stuff - and totally owning it)
And so that was the situation with flared jeans. The boys seem to absolutely hate them: all the feedback I got from the opposite gender wasn't exactly gentle. They would rather have girls wear tight jeans and short skirts. But then again, they kinda also hated the skinny jeans when they appeared for the first time.
You see me shrug?

I've searched for the perfect flared jeans for a while: it had to be tight around my upper legs, it had to have a super flare and it had to be long, so it would almost touch the ground when wearing heels.
This one is getting close (but maybe just a bigger flare?)
I think this piece is this seasons '5 piece French wardrobe' item: it's a classic piece and it goes with a lot of different styles.
And what about my 'John Lennon' glasses? (as for being round and slightly see-through) I got them at Polette and from now on you can see me running around with these and some dark lipstick to match.

Btw: soooorry for not posting for such a long time. I blame the holidays: not having a strict schedule makes me way to lazy. From now on I'm back!

Flared jeans | River Island
Sweater | H&M
Backpack | Asos
Leather jacket | Whistles
Sunglasses | Polette
Boots | Zara 



B Ramida said...

Great look!

Daily Suit said...

Haha, I know what you mean about the man repelling. :-)
I think you look stunning. Love the color of your sweater as well.

Greetings from Berlin
Valentina | DAILY SUIT

Nena said...

Super! ik ben helemaal fan!

love, Turn it inside out

Stylebygina said...

Ik wil je leren jasje hebben...Hij is zo mooiii <3

Imke Db said...

Heel leuke look! Inderdaad in de trant van de Man Repeller, ik vind haar stijl echt zo leuk, en jou staat het ook gigantisch goed!
XO IMKE | Pastellics

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Chloe Sterk said...

Super leuke look meis xx

mode french said...

Nice post :) Kiss from France, Sand.

Iep said...

Wat een heerlijke look zeg! Ik ben dol flared jeans! Staat je geweldig!
Liefs Iep

Welovefur said...

I really like this jacket
Visit my blog if you want

wendy said...

Staat je super! De kleur van je trui is geweldig <3


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