Lifestyle: velvet interior

To give my previous trend post about velvet (read it here) an extra boost - and because I found a lot of cool interior pictures including velvet during my search - I decided to show you guys how velvet can also be a fabulous fabric in your interior.
And I say fabulous because that's exactly what it is, but it can also be a bit over the top. 
A pink velvet couch? Maybe not. A navy blue velvet pouf? I say yes.
So in today's interior inspiration post, again: v e l v e t!

If it was up to me - but that is just me - I'd say don't get too crazy with the velvet fabric. It can get the golden age real fast, so drop the velvet curtains, but get those velvet pillows. But that's me.
Here's some cool inspiration, enjoy!

Pictures: 1. Heidi Lerkenfeldt 2. Automatim 3. Unknown 4. Automatism
5. Heidi Lerkenfeldt  6. Dimore studio 7. Bellocq tea atelier New York 8. Unknown



Dionne Knooren said...

Ik houd er wel van! Mooi!

Neeltje | Thoughts in Style said...

Ik vind de velvet banken wel echt gaaf!

Natasja van Dinther said...

Oehh I like it, a lot!

Marion | 24 hours of Fashion said...

wauw nooit gedacht dat dit er zo tof uit zou zien! said...

The principle of the design - the harmony, rhythm and balance are all the same with interior and fashion design. I love this velvet style!