V e l v e t

It is here, it is here: the velvet trend!
And why am I so excited, exactly? Well for one - pretty obvious - it's name-bound! And two, I actually really like this trend. 
Velvet clothes are taking over the store collections. I've seen velvet boots already (BIG fan of those) and Zara has a pretty co-ord in dark green velvet.
It's an instant party when wearing this soft and shiny fabric. 
I'm attending the Disaronno wears Cavalli party in Amsterdam this Thursday, and I think something velvet is going to be perfect for that night. 
So, imagine my excitement. 

Here's some inspiration. Get jiggy with it..

Pictures by 1. Tommy Ton via Vogue 2. Unknown 3. Unknown  4. Francesca Allen via Topshop
5. Valentino haute couture s15 6. Co Resort 2016 7. Unknown



Lavinia Făt said...

I love velvet and the shoes are to die for

Natasja said...

I love me some velvet!

Darcy Dionyves said...

I am loving the velvet trend, the boots are stunning!