Gift guide - him & her

The holiday season is almost upon us and as you might have already noticed, I can get very excited about that.
But the holiday season also means stress! Stress to find the perfect outfit, stress to decide what to cook, and stress for finding the perfect holiday gifts.
Here's a little guide to help you with that last stress factor: my perfect holiday gift guide!
And even though I'm a disaster in finding the perfect gifts myself sometimes and this guide is mainly based on what I like, (can't help it) I tried my very best to keep this as general as possible.
Oh, and I added some gifts for the boys as well, because that's maybe even harder than finding gifts for girls.

Now, listen up!
Because I have something for you that will make it easier to choose! You can now get a 15% discount on all the Daniel Wellington watches, using the code: vanilla-and-velvet. That's the perfect holiday gift + some discount for you! Happy shopping!

H&M sweater, Daniel Wellington watch, River Island scarf,
Fashionology earringsDaphny Raes walletLa Maison nouvelle braletteOther stories beanie & H&M scarf

10 Days socks, River Island pj's, H&M backpack,
Daniel Wellington watch, Carharrt beanie & Nelly shirt



Marion | 24 hours of Fashion said...

Ooh heerlijke items, voor mannen en vrouwen!

Sophie Jorissen said...

Love this post! So inspiring. Would love it if you could check out my blog too and let me know what you think!

ndudlagirl said...

So nice selection for the holiday season, it also must be so cozy!
xx, Nataliya