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Oke, so today being your last - absolute final - day to get your loved ones some Christmas prezzies, here's yet again a little help from me. Because besides shopping for clothes I also like to find the cutest 'homewear' items - useful or not.
I do not own my own apartment yet, but that does not mean I can't pimp my room every now and then. And 'now and then' is more often than you think because I get bored with how my room looks every two months.
A city stroll can turn into hours and hours of snooping at all the little boutiques Amsterdam has to offer, and today's post is from what I found from snooping on the internet. I hope there's anything in here for you.

Goodluck and merry Christmas! Xx

1. Notebook, busy, busy, busy 2. Vase, more colors available 3. Plaid, to keep you warm 4. Shower gel that's smells like a walk in the woods 5. Hanging lamp, because those 'lightbulbs' are hot right now 6. Kiehl's cream for dry skin types           7. Little mirror to hang on your wall

Scented candle from Skins, lens from Canon via & powder brush from Rituals


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