Retro round

A bit late - the Eyewish 'brillenmodeshow' was in fact back in September - and also not really suitable - since there is not much sun nowadays and sunglasses are quite unnecessary - but here's me telling you about one of my latest addictions: the Ray-Ban round.
I think this particular frame - 'the retro round' - is the best frame that ever existed, in my opinion.
I got this one at Eyewish, it is called the 'Ray-Ban round metal, green classic', and I even got polarized glasses to go with it. They did not have this model in stock, but they can order any frame you like. Great service, right?
Beijing may be cold, but I remember from last year it can be quite sunny, and that's when this one fits in!
I added some pictures from the 'brillenmodeshow', just because it was once again a very cool happening. Enjoy! And if you still needed a gift for yourself for the holidays (yes, I actually give myself 'gifts' during Christmas) this sunglasses is totally it!

Ray-Ban sunglasses


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