R.E.V by Reve en Vert

Going back to basics, a well known and often used phrase.
But also in fashion going back to the basics is an important thing to keep in mind. It can help you find your way (back) to your own style, or it can help you think about what fashion means for you.

Today, a short note from me about the R.E.V by Reve en Vert collection. A collection of basic tees and tops, made out of sustainable and organic cotton, with a good story behind it all.
If you are going down that basic road anyways, you might as well do it this way, knowing your tee has been made out of the softest organic cotton, and all in a very ethical way.
And how great is it, to sometimes just wear a pretty basic top with a good pair of jeans. Let 'off day' be a little bit on with a clean and classic look.

Top | R.E.V by Reve en Vert
Jeans | Levi's vintage


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