Shoegame: patent leather

Currently crushing on patent leather. And that's boots, but also skirts and coats!
With the weather in Amsterdam these days, patent leather may not be such a bad choice after all, being sort of water-resistant.
Today in the spotlights: patent leather shoes. All kinds of types, all kinds of colors. 
I think the trick with this type of shiny leather is to style it up with some good old classics aka keeping it low key - and with 'trick' I'm referring to the chance you also might end up looking like a bad version of Lady Gaga.

Here's a selection of some of my top picks, I think I'm going to click home those dark red boots I found on, what about you?

1. Blue boots by Topshop 2. Silver brogues by River Island 3. Red boots by Topshop
4. Dark red boots by Guess via 5. Black kitten heels by 6. Black loafers by Steve Madden
Pic: via Pinterest



Sarah Lightbody said...

I feel like a crow sometimes, because anything shiny (especially of the patent leather variety) makes me really excited.

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