Dress over jeans

One can never go wrong with black. All black looks have not passed by on this blog that often, but it's actually something I wear a lot. All black is always all good.
The dress-over-pants situation is going to be hot this upcoming season. At least, that's what last season's catwalk attires let us believe. Im in, but for me it's only the long dress over pants looks please, and not the 3/4 dress over pants.

My version is all black today, almost gothic-like. But that's what long black lace dresses and Dr Martens boots will do to an outfit. I guess this is the winter version, not really suitable for the happy Spring days that are yet to come, but you get the idea.

Long dress | H&M trend
Leather jacket | Whistles
Boots | Dr Martens
Sunglasses | Polette



Beba Göttel said...

Love this look,because it is really interesting and you really know how to wear it,not every girl can wear it and look great as you do!


The Fashion Panda said...

Such a cool look ! :-)


Jint said...

Thanks guys! Xx

daydreamsandjellybeans said...

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