You are seeing this coat on me for the second time on the blog for three reasons:
One; I just really love it.
Two; I'm super busy with exams, simply not much time to shoot some new stuff. Soon though!
And three, the chance to show a total different look from what the first one was like.

I got the be honest: it's the bun on top of my head and the retro round sunglasses that keep me from looking like one of those moms behind a stroller. Not that that's a bad thing, just, not yet.
To go with this look is this new clutch from Muskad. A brand from France that makes gorgeous clutches and wallets. With a coat like this and a clutch like this, I think that today I finally mastered the 'casual chic' look.

Coat | Bice Viggo
Clutch | Muskad
Jeans | BLK denim
Shoes | Del Toro
Top | Zara
Sunnies | Ray Ban



Anne MCLayne said...

Awesome look, love the trench!

Marion | 24 hours of Fashion said...

Van mij mag die jas wel vaker langskomen hoor, hij is mooi!

Milex xxx said...

Olivia Aimes said...


dressed-to-kill said...

Wow!! Urban and trendy look! Love your posts ❤

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Swantje Tripmacker said...

Really cosy outfit <3

Swantje from

Cynthia said...

Fijne outfit! En ik vind je schoenen echt super vet!!