Hot - Bodysuits

The bodysuit is HOT. And they keep popping up in all of the spring/summer collections at the moment.
I think this is not a 'trend' for dummies: the body is pretty much the definition of 'that leaves not much up to imagination'. And I'm probably a dummy on that front, soo..
I see myself wearing one, but only when it's 26 degrees outside and only when I can still add something extra on top,  a denim jacket for example, because you know me, nothing too tight!

1. Topshop 2. H&M 3. River Island



Marion | 24 hours of Fashion said...

Heeel gaaf! Misschien toch eens eentje aanschaffen!

Stylebygina said...

Heel tof! Die eerste foto is echt een geweldige inspiratieshot!

Nena Franssen said...

Hoe meer ik ze zie, hoe meer ik er fan van wordt!

love, Turn it inside out