Tuesday - To inspire

Helloo! How was your Easter?
A little bit of inspiration on this Tuesday morning (that has that slow Monday vibe) never hurt nobody.
Pinning (I believe Pinterest became a verb a while back, so this is approved) is something I do when I have absolutely nothing else to do. It's still super fun and I feel like starting a bunch of new DIY projects when pinning around.
As you can see I'm reeeeaaallly craving for Spring. Last weekend was all about sun (it was cold as hell though) and I could not have been happier. So, a little inspiration (fashion- and lifestyle-wise) to hopefully brighten up your Tuesday.

A few updates:
- I booked a ticket to Thailand! My bum will be on the beach in about 1 month!
- You heard about the new Instagram update? I'm still not sure weather it's true or not, but you know what to do if you want to keep receiving my pics! Click here.
- I'm currently super busy and you might have noticed that there wasn't much action on the blog lately. I'm brainstorming a lot about my next move, because there will be a next move for sure.
Keep you posted!

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