Peanut butter

P E A N U T    B U T T E R    J E L L Y

Us Dutchies have a saying: mooi geel is niet lelijk.
Meaning, literally translated: pretty yellow isn't ugly.
Well, I don't know about that, but nevertheless: say hi to my new bright yellow sweater from Rad.
If you're looking for fun and high quality tops & sweaters, look no further: Rad is the place!

Some time ago I scored this printed scarf at Episode. It had been to long since the last time a did some thrift shopping. Sometimes, real treasures are found.
I could not have want to wear it with anything else than this outfit. For one, because the peanut butter sweater brings just the right amount of fun into the look and second, this makes wearing a silk scarf a little less Blair Waldorf.

What do you guys think about this look?
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Peanut Butter sweater |
Pants | H&M (old)
Leather jacket | Whistles
Boots | Dr Martens
Scarf | Episode
Sunglasses | Ray Ban 


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