A bikini a day

Bikini season is just around the corner.
At least, let's hope so. Because here in Amsterdam an occasional downpour is the order of the day, but I have faith.
After all, it's the first day of June today!

A few weeks ago I was in my bikini all day everyday, and it felt so good.
At the moment my days are all filled up with work and studying, but my mind is already in Sicily, which is where I will be going in August. And I might just need a new bikini for Sicily, or two.
While hunting on the one and only World Wide Web, I found a few nice bikini's on Otto.nl, and so it happens they have a 20% discount on all swim- and beachwear at the moment!
I think I'm going for a print this season, but you can also never go wrong with some mixing & matching! What about you?
Keep in mind: A bikini a day keeps the doctor away!

1. Vero Moda 2. Marysia Swimwear 3. Jette via Otto.nl
4. Topshop 5. S.Oliver via Otto.nl



Marion | 24 hours of Fashion said...

Die bovenste 2 blauwe zijn zo mooi!

Writing Monique said...

Ik vind de bovenste drie bikini's echt geweldig!