Summer skirt ready

The skirt: not always the most convenient piece of clothing - like riding a bike in a skirt: you're practically naked - but, on the other hand: skirts equals fun!
If you were still not sure about rocking a skirt this summer, here's 3 inspirations to tell you otherwise.

The denim skirt
Denim skirts are hot hot hot at the moment. Get it in blue, get it in black, or maybe, when in the mood for it, get it in patchwork.
I'm into the ones with the big pockets and buttons up front, but also the old school frayed ones I so cool! Decisions, decisions..
If you want to go through summer all casual nonchy-looking: denim skirts are the way to go! has many more skirts like this one by the way, to get your ass summer proof!

Pics: Pinterest & TheyAllHateUs, skirt: Vero Moda via

The pleated skirt
Midi or mini, both ways work in my opinion. Preferably with a pair of white kicks.
The way I see it: a blue pleated skirt (always blue), white Stan's, a grey t-shirt tucked in - or an oversized sweater, if it were up to the Dutch weather - and my darkblue Furla bag to top things off. Looking like a million bucks without that much effort. I one day like to call that my mantra ;)

Pics: Grazia IT & WWD, skirt: Rick Cardona via
The suede skirt
Absolutely perfect for festival-season: the suede skirt. Can be quite the investment if you decide to go for real leather, but nowadays there are some real nice ones made out of real leather which don't cost your month's salary, at Zara for example. Budget proof are the suedette skirts the non-leather ones: those can also look quite good! Go for a lace-up while you're at it, style it with a vintage rock & roll shirt, add some boots and you are literally ready to kick summer's ass.

Pics: Collage vintage, skirt: ONLY via
If this doesn't do it for you, I don't know what will.
Happy Humpday!