Lifestyle: liquor carts

It has been a while since the last time I did a lifestyle/interior post. But today I wanna talk liquor carts - or should I say bar carts, since they are meant as little bars - because they are still hot/happening/trending on Instagram & Pinterest.  

A little old-fashioned, a little the great gatsby, but I have to admit: they do look stylish.
And besides booze, I can imagine some good books, flowers, empty glass bottles, magazines & fine jewelry looking good on  them as well. 
In today's post some inspiration and three nice options I found at
I actually think that when creating 'the bar cart' the more gaudy, the more gold and the more details, the better the end result!
What do you think? Too 'rich-man-acting-like-a-student' or is it something you could have in your living room? 

1.  Heine home via  2. Heine home via 3. Heine home via

1. Housedoctor 2. Jojotastic 3. Jessie Webster 4. Aubrie Pick 
5. Unknown 6. 7. Weworewhat
Pictures via Pinterest