A third an final look from Sicily, Italy.
It has only been 2 weeks since we were there, and is it a bad thing when I say I already need another holiday? 
The other day I noticed my love for white shirts has grown: when shopping on our wold wide web I keep looking for the perfect white blouse, preferably with some eye-catching details, like this one in today's look.
And even though I've been called a 'pirate' (yeah, I heard that, several times) sometimes I just need that little bit extra to spice things up. 
I mean, how much fun is this blouse? Add some ankle jeans, add a skirt like this, or even some denim dungarees. I'm a fan, and also Sicily has my heart. Great island! (and pasta, and pizza, and vino rossi)

Real life is calling, bye now!

Blouse | H&M trend
Skirt | River Island
Sunnies | Ray Ban
Sneakers | Superga