Where's that giant pair of pants going with that little girl?
Here's another 'Look of the Day' I shot for
The 'sportspants' aka those fun side-striped pants are everywhere on the streets nowadays, in a lot of color combinations and in many different shapes.
I ordered mine a while ago, and I love how casual nonchy it is, but it also had me thinking for quite a while: what to wear on top of it?
It turned out to be this ruffled blouse, a new addition to my closet and already one of my favorites. 
As you can see, it works out just fine with the right amount of sportswear, but adding a pair of jeans and some loafers can be quite the to-go look as well.

My birthday is coming up soon, only 3 weeks to go. 
I'm turning 25, getting old!

Pictures by Vivian Hoorn

Blouse | Lost Ink
Pants | H&M
Sunnies | Ray Ban
Sneakers | Superga
Bag | Furla