Fancy flares

Sweater weather is my favorite kind of weather. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about those sunny days, but getting cosy on the couch in a big sweater with a cup of tea is a 1000% me.
And in case big oversized 'couch-hanging' sweaters are not appropriate because you need to get out of the house and act social again, there is always the fancy sweater, like this green beauty I got from Stylewe.
Big sleeves, because after flared pants the flared sleeves are here and in it for the stay.
But you know me: nothing too fancy looking, so I styled it down with a big pair of mommy jeans, and then styled it up again with these boots. Just the right amount of fancy & casual mixed together, on this rainy Sunday.

By the way, the struggle of photographing this mom jeans the right way was real...
Enjoy your weekend!

Sweater | Stylewe
Jeans | Levi's
Boots | Zara