In Ibiza with LASCANA

A first post from Ibiza, the island of happiness!
Because we went in May, I thought it would not be that hot yet, but it was just hot enough to twirl around in this new body by LASCANA.
Black is always a good idea, and this might indeed be the 3rd black body I own at this moment, but did you notice the pretty neckline on this one? Perfect fit for those Ibiza vibes.
And the best thing about this piece? It's easy to style during the day, and even easier to style during the night! I wore it to a day at the beach - we visited the Cotton Club: a very fancy beach club, gorgeous setting and view! - and later, to a party Ginmare organized for us at the Ushuaia hotel, styled with a black skirt.

Stay tuned, more about Ibiza is coming!

Little scarf | Lisa Maret


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