Walk for miles with ECCO

Why is it that red old cars (or just old cars in general) work so good in a picture?
In Ibiza we spotted these old cars on practically every streetcorner (those, and like a million ugly white new cars) so I had to take advantage of that and take a pic.

A second post from Ibiza, giving you guys a real deal postcard from Ibiza, wearing this cute little playsuit and yellow sunnies, both borrowed from Laura from Mixt.
Hell, when on a trip with 5 other fashion crazy's, you better take advantage of that as well!
I'm wearing my new Ecco sneakers and let me say this: they say fashion hurts, but I now know I never knew 'comfortable shoes' until I met these babies. Besides them looking good, I can walk for miles in them!

Sneakers | Ecco
Playsuit | Nakd fashion
Sunnies | Polette 


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