Summer swimsuit

Sometimes, I like my summer holidays to be about doing not that much.
Or better yet; doing absolutely nothing.
Okay maybe not nothing nothing, as swimming 60 strokes each morning is something I need to do from myself in order to work off those French cheeses from the night before, but still: not that much.

As one-pieces are it this summer and I already collected some cool ones over the past months, I figured I needed a new style.
I got this Adidas one piece at Lascana. It is by far the most athletic piece of swimwear I have at the moment, but it's actually nice to own a more sporty piece for once.
Besides the obvious practical reasons (swimming in bikini is just a bit more challenging) I actually like running around in this onepiece. And there's a lot more on where this came from, so you better go check that out!

Piece out, I'm off doing nothing.

Adidas onepiece | LASCANA


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