Stories with Storytel

I used to read a lot. Harry Potter came first ofcourse, and when I got older I liked thrillers and other crime-related books. Some of them very good, some of them straight A shit, but nothing beats getting lost in a good story while sipping on a coconut, poolside. 
The downside of being a fast reader - I devoured books - is ending up without new ones because you could only bring 3 or 4 on your holiday. If I'm being honest, I think nowadays I will only have - or make - time to 'read' when I'm on a break. 
But what about that limited space in your suitcase? I recently discoverd Storytel, the solution for dragging along all those books. The Storytel app has more than 60.000 books to listen to and I found out I can actually focus more when 'someone is reading me a book', instead of reading it myself. 
I have a 30 day try-out for you guys. Create yourself an account, use the link below and for the first 30 days you can listen to any book on Storytel for 0,99! 
(after those 30 days it will cost you 9,99 a month, unless you cancel the subscription)

So, how about listening to that one book you said you were going to read, two years ago? Perfect for the holidays. Speaking of that, you can also get somebody a Storytel giftcard now, last minute Christmas gift anyone?

At the moment I'm going to listen to the books of Dan Brown, let me know what you'd like to read, tips are always welcome! 


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